Rockford Cosplayer's Meetup at Edward's Apple Orchard

A few weeks ago I had created a group on facebook specifically to get cosplayers from Rockford, Illinois together. To kick it off, I also created an event at Edward's Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove. It's a yearly tradition for me to head out there and buy a few dozen donuts to pass out to friends and family. The turnout was pretty great but it was an even split between Rockford and Chicago area people.

It took us a while to actually get out to the orchard to pick our own apples since the tractor used to ride out there was a little out of the way and hidden. The price was a bit insane but totally worth it to be able to get photos out there. If only it were a bit warmer. @_@

 The day was rather cold but it was fun being able to hang out with a bunch of cosplayers at the orchard. The staff and other visitors were surprisingly very accepting of cosplayers in this area. Even better, the cosplays were kept pretty tame at the event!

Since the event went so well this year I may possibly be organizing another meetup at the orchard next year. One thing is for sure though; there will be many more meetups throughout the years to come for the Rockford Cosplayers group!

To see more photos visit my facebook album!


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