The Sahara Palace Restaurant in Rockford, IL

I went to a Mediterranean restaurant with a friend to try a place neither of us had been to and to take some food photos. I brought with me the small yet dependable Pentax Optio WG-II camera for some video and photos.

The restaurant was nice and simple with a few adornments that fit the theme.

If you are curious, the restaurant's website is here:

We checked that out before going there to see what was on the menu and noticed the statement "All our meat is 100% Zabeha/Halal."  That being unknown to me, I did a search on the Internet without much luck. 

Or total order consisted of...

A sweet multilayer pastry with honey and nuts.  I've had this occasionally from another place in town.  If you have never tried it, I suggest you do.  Simple, yet very delicious (and labor intensive to make).

Beef Shawerma
"Slices of seasoned beef cooked on slowly revolving rotisserie."

Lamb Shish Kabob
"Charcoal grilled cubes of marinated tender lamb."

Sahara Special Plate

Shish Kabob, Kifta Kabob, Shish Taouk, Chicken Shawerma

Entree Salad
The entrees came with a salad. to start things off.

I had ordered the Beef Shawerma, although I did try the chicken Shawerma and Lamb Kabob.  The Beef Shawerma was a nice dish that was mild and pleasant.  I enjoyed it and had no qualms eating the entire portion. The fragrance of the dish was more noticeable, with what I assume to be the saffron rice as the main contributor.  Out of everything I had tried, I think that the Lamb Kabob was the best tasting.  If I do go back there in the future, I might try another dish or go with the lamb.

While a bit expensive, the portion was large and more than sufficient for a large guy such as myself.  

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November 9, 2012 at 1:01 AM

This restaurant was a pleasant surprise. Definitely worth trying out.

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