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Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai.  I'm one of the contributors to this new media team known most simply as CVFTA (Conventure Fireteam  Alpha).  I'll be posting articles about various events we attend, but one of our main staples will be conventions.  We attended Anime World Chicago on Saturday August 4th to take photos of cosplay as well as some clips for a few different videos.  I recently finished processing my photos, enjoy!

All of the photos:
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You can also read more about how I took the photos in my photography site article.

Here are a few highlight photos:

The convention was fun. Size wise, it was probably one of the smallest ones I have been too in a while, but that's a good thing in some respects.  It's a bit strange to see the location that Anime Central uses be so much less active.  Along with AWC, there were a few other events happening at the Hyatt hotel such as a wedding and some type of business meeting.  The negative there is that they were casually limiting access to large sections of the hotel, so some of the better shooting locations like the dome were not available.

The one event I went to was one of Samurai Dan's panels.  His panels are always interesting and fun, so that was a nice diversion from taking photos and walking the small convention footprint.  Looking at the schedule, the lineup looked solid, so I'm sure that general attendees had a good time in that respect. 

Only attending a single day is good and bad.  It costs significantly less than attending multiple days considering the large cost of having a hotel room.  However, being able to take a good relaxing break is difficult, so I often don't manage a full start-to-finish convention day.  The convention started at 9am, but we decided to get there around 11am.  We left around 7pm, so only around 6 hours.  I'll have to try harder in the future to get more time in on photos when attending for a single day.

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