Sushi Roll Takeout from Hachi Hachi Express

A few days ago I decided to visit a local restaurant called Hachi Hachi Express. They specialize in sushi and hibachi styled meals at a decent price. They are somewhat between a chain fast food restaurant and a full restaurant. The seating area is without a waitress, but their food and prices are a bit above what you would pay at somewhere like McDonalds or Burger King. It's really easy to spend $20 on a full meal of sushi rolls.

My order consisted of:
Bagel Roll: $4.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll: $5.75
California Roll: $3.75

The Tempura and California rolls.

The bagel rolls.
As mentioned before, I had takeout, so they put them together in as few packages as possible. Portions for the price are a bit small, but that comes with the territory of this specialty offering.

My favorite of the three rolls were the tempura shrimp. They have a great overall flavor and texture.  The sauce covering the seaweed wrap adds to the overall enjoyment as well.
Tempura rolls were the best tasting of the group.

The California rolls and bagel rolls didn't appeal to me much. The bagel rolls had an odd after taste, probably from the smoked fish or just the combination of the ingredients. They were alright, but just not too appealing to me.
The bagel roll up close.

The California rolls were better than the bagel rolls, but still not something I'd order again. I probably should have put some of the included sauces or condiments on them to add kick to the somewhat bland ingredients.

California rolls
I have been to Hachi Hachi quite a few times. It's a quick and easy way to stomp out that craving for Japanese style food without having to go through the whole sit-down restaurant experience with a waitress. They probably have around 40 different sushi rolls and over 10 hibachi meals, so there is a lot to choose from.  I really like the shrimp tempura rolls, but I need to try more of the sushi offerings to find other favorites, which I'm sure exist. 

You can see larger versions of the photos here.

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