Restaurant Excursion: Salamone's Italian Pizzeria

The entire CVFTA team visited Salamone's Italian Pizzeria on Saturday the 12th 2013.  You can learn more about their restaurant on their Facebook page and website.

Salamone's is a traditional Italian styled place in a small town that is east of the largest city in the area called Rockford (currently at 103 S. Cherry St., Cherry Valley, IL).

We had originally planned to visit a pizza restaurant for none other than pizza, but ended up making separate orders. One of our members frequents the place and made the suggestion.  We all agreed that it sounded interesting enough to check out considering it was local and not a chain restaurant.

Our mutual order consisted of:
Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and onion rings.
Fettucini alfredo and bruschetta appetizer.
Calzone with mushrooms, green olives, and artichoke inside.

Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza.
Prices are pretty average for a restaurant of this level.  Pizzas were from $10 to $20 and the Calzone I ordered was around $9.

Upon arrival, we walked in directly to the bar area.  It seemed comfortable enough with quite a few normal dining tables and wasn't crowded at the time. 

He was instantly ready to enjoy his fettucini alfredo.
We ended up staying in the bar, so I didn't get a chance to see what the normal restaurant seating arrangements were like.  The bar had multiple flat screen TVs with sports games on that give customers an additional level of atmosphere to enjoy if they prefer the supplemental sound and visuals.

The calzone includes up to 3 additional ingredients at no charge.
I had ordered the Calzone with mushrooms, green olives, and artichoke inside.  It was flavorful and enjoyable, though the knife I had wasn't the best tool to cut into the crust, making a bit difficult to eat unless I had wanted to just use my hands.  Portion size was reasonable for the price.

Onion rings
I had also sampled the onion rings someone else ordered.  They had thick pieces of onion inside and seemed fresh with a hand-made feel.

One of the owners had noticed us taking photos and took a moment to stop by for a quick chat.  It's nice to see that the place is family owned and operated.  I'm sure we will return there again in the future to sample other items on the menu.

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