Taste of India Restaurant

 Two members of CVFTA recently went to Taste of India in Rockford, Illinois. This is one of the few Indian restaurants in the area and is also one of the lower cost options for that style of food. Indian food can get pretty pricy in America.

The restaurant is located in the spot next to Hachi Hachi at:
139 Sundae Drive
Rockford, IL 61107

Our mutual order:
Mango Milk Shake
Lamb Curry
Plain Nann
Vegetable Soup
Lamb Vindaloo
Chicken Nann

Prices here are higher than your everyday restaurant. For example, the lamb curry is around $14, but it seems customary to order bread for an extra $3. With a drink and a tip, you can easily spend over $25. Portions were pretty average compared to other restaurants in this range. The staff was very polite and helpful, checking up on us a few times to make sure everything was good.

I enjoyed everything that I ordered, though I especially liked the Nann .  When ordering curry, they ask for your preferred spice level from low to high. I ended up going with medium. Scott S. ordered extremely hot, but after trying it, I didn't feel it was much spicier than what I had. Maybe the potatoes in his curry toned things down a bit... I think they might also try to keep things to a western level of spice as to not alienate potential customers.

Overall, it is a nice restaurant and worth checking out. Just expect to spend at least $20 per person for a full meal.

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