Chicago Comic Con 2012

Earlier this month I went to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con as a media organization under my photography centric website,  The main benefit there is that I have less chance of having issues while I take photos, which is always nice.

You can see my coverage of the event here:

If you have only been to Anime conventions, you might want to check out a comic focused convention in the future.  The attendees usually span a larger age range, which can be a good thing.  Although, as someone who photographs cosplayers and costumers, I sometimes have difficulty getting time with them because people seem to want photographs with the costumers much more often than at Anime conventions.  The biggest benefit is that you don't usually get the age related immaturity problems that sometimes happen at Anime conventions.  The overall focus of comic conventions is more commercial, which is somewhat of a negative depending on your reason for going there.  They often have a large swath of famous people you can meet for a price as well as large dealers rooms with a multitude of things you can buy.  If you are interested in original works of art or lesser know home grown comics, there are usually a large number of artists on site.

Here are a few highlight photos from the event:

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