Anime World Chicago From A Noob's Perspective

   Since this is my first post to the Conventure Fire Team Alpha and "The Adventures And Ramblings Of A Mixed Guy" blog, might as well introduce myself.  My name's Erik, I'm one of the contributors to the site!  I'm more of a beginner compared to the other members of the team, so they help me out with my photography a lot!  I'm pretty pumped to have these guys helping me out, and I'll be learning as I go!  I'm also new to the "con" scene, and can't wait to go to more of these!!

   Heading up to Anime World Chicago this past weekend, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect for a couple reasons.  First, this was my first "Con" that I had been to, and while a few of my friends go to these quite regularly and post photos from them, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it.  Second, some close friends and I started up a project called "Con-Venture Fire Team Alpha"(yes I know the name is amazing), in which we basically go to conventions(of any kind really, gotta have some variety right?) and just document it via photos, videos, and interviews with attendees.  My reservation about this second point dealt with the interviews part.  I'm terrible at talking with people that I haven't hung around before, but I was determined to get over this "phobia" of mine and get some content for our groups' site and youtube channel.

   Walking into the convention I was a little awestruck at all the people and their cosplays.  You have to really give these people props, were I to design/make some of these outfits 1 of 3 things would probably happen, either a)the outfit would look terrible, b) there would be a wardrobe malfunction or two throughout the course of the day, or c) it would look terrible and there would also be the wardrobe malfunctions haha.  Now Initially I just followed my buddy around and observing how he went about asking people to take their photographs, and just basically taking everything in.  After a little bit I went around and took some of my own photos(which are pretty poor compared to the photos the other members of CVFTA take), but after that I started to relax a bit and really enjoyed myself.
Can't go wrong w/ a deadpool cosplay

Deadpool has hops!

JESUS!!!! I got to interview him! haha cool guy!

Samurai Dan!

The Man, the myth, the legend, Ron Ladao!

Scott from the alpha team!  

  Surprisingly I even did a few interviews, and they actually turned out to be my favorite part of going to the convention!  Everyone I talked to was really laid back and easy to talk to.  It was cool listening to them tell a little bit about the process of making their cosplay, or what cons they had been to, and plan to go to in the future.  I can definitely see myself doing more interviews in the upcoming conventions that the Alpha-Team goes to! 

   One last thing, before I sum things up, one area I feel like I have to mention, is the artists alley.  Let it be known, that I am on a quest to have a sweet ass painting/drawing of a samurai commissioned for me!  Now If anyone who reads this has any advice, or opinions on the subject feel free to let me know, but I wandered the artist alley and saw a bunch of people selling prints, but only a couple that had signs saying they took commissions.  Now I have to admit this is a little of what I had expected, but at the same time makes me think that I could be searching for quite a bit to find the right artist if I only look at the cons for possible candidates to do the work.  So I think I'll update fairly regularly on my quest to find a con artist...errrmmmm, that doesn't really sound right haha, I mean a convention artist to do the piece for me.  Also this will give a chance to whoever reads this to shoot any input my direction to help me out!  

   So I would declare this first convention experience a success!  Between meeting new people, perusing the artists alley, and just experiencing new stuff all day, I don't think things could have gone any better! I'm definitely looking forward to what the Con-Venture Fire Team Alpha has in store for the future, and so should everyone else!

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